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FANUC is the biggest robot manufacturer in industrial automation
in the world.

If we would ask a factory manager about traditional packaging machines working in their factory, we might get the following answers: they occupy too much space, although operating them is easier nowadays thanks to the developments in technology, yet they are inflexible, their operation and programming are costly, long time needed to spend on their maintenances and personnel is required to operate them.
I think you have got the same problems. Would it be possible to amend this situation? Is there a better, more efficient solution?


When we met a FANUC robot, we realized that this will be a tendency toward that the technology will move, taking any industry under the microscope. Therefore we decided to cooperate with FANUC Robotics Hungary Kft. to develope the best solutions for our partners as system integrator. 

What can a FANUC robot offer you? There are some cases for FANUC robots:

  • industrial automation
  • efficiency
  • versatility 
  • speed
  • easy of use and maintenance
  • optimal use of space
  • high performance
  • cost-effectiveness
  • reduces production costs
  • competitiveness

The company which decides to purchase a robot won't be disappointed in no way. The biggest advantage of an industrial robot is that by changes in the manufacturing process, the equipment won't necessarily be thrown out.

A well-known multinational company has already experienced numerous benefits of a FANUC robot. They emphasized the continuously renewing endowments by which the robots could be made more effective. This provides the advantage that is characteristic of FANUC robots: SPEED.

Click on the blue text to see FANUC robots in action:

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To expand the capacity at the brewery in Cluj-Napoca we charged Drink System Ltd. in 2007 with production, mounting and installing of bottle conveyor system at our factory. Drink System worked also for maintenance activities during the annual shutdown of the bottling line in 2008.
I can recommend Drink System Ltd. to anyone who wants to work with a professional team with high standard service and a good cooperation. 

Dan Filip
Production Logistics and Admin Manager
Ursus Breweries

We do fully support this company, as we have a continuous long time work relationship. Drink System provides external contracted and temporary maintenance and operational staff, therefore they have all the necessary certificates to work on site and what would be essential from any other contractor. They have already made several machine installations in our plant with excelent quality.

Gabor Varga
Plant Manager
Coca-Cola HBC Magyarország Kft.

Dear Mrs. Aranyos,

it is true that last year we asked from you to resettle and install our Rafale air conveyor.
We are fully satisfied with the result and the equipment works properly since then.
But the most important for us is that you achieved this resettling within a very strict time plan and in a limited space with 3 other suppliers operating in the same place keeping your job standards (quality, safety, communication etc.) in very high levels.

I will be very pleased to work with you in similar projects.

Best regards,

Factory Engineer
Nestlé Hellas S.A